Backlinks checker

Backlinks are incoming links to a website. They have a great influence on your online presence and reputation.

Search engines consider them relevant and the number of backlinks determine a website’s ranking, authority and popularity.

How does it work?

The Backlinks Checker uses a deep parsing mechanism to return backlinks that are pointing to the website you want to check.

Enter the URL in the Tab, click Check Backlinks and you will get the first 10 most important backlinks.

This tool will show you important metrics that represent your ranking predictions, inbound links influence and the number of links/domains that are pointing to your root domain. 

The Backlinks results are sorted by their page authority, descending according to their importance and strength given by the Page Authority. They provide the following data :
  • Backlinks URL
  • Backlinks link text ( or link image )
  • Backlinks Page Authority
  • Backlinks Domain Authority
  • Backlinks Target URL
  • Backlinks Last Update

For every distinct URL you check, results pointing to that specific URL will be stored and saved in the “Saved Backlinks Lists”, for later reference.

The backlinks report can be saved as JSON, PDF and HTML.

Click LOAD 50 MORE BACKLINKS to generate more links. Because we use big computational resources, this action will differ, depending on your Plan.

Note: Because this tool uses Mozscape to return link metrics and page authority, there is a restriction that allows the API to return only 25 links per external domain.  Because of this, in some cases, the number of expected backlinks can be lower than 50.

When all backlinks are loaded, you will receive a message informing you that “There are no more backlinks for this URL”.