Broken links

The Brokenlinks Checker will let you know if an URL is not working properly, it’s no longer 
available and does not point to the original destination, or it has been moved. 
This tool analyzes your website and tells you which of your 
hyperlinks are not working and shows you exactly where to fix.

This application takes into account 4 main categories of broken links: 

1.Html Anchor tags. The html tag links a page to another. The anchor tag alone can’t do 
anything without an attribute and value, so you have to be very careful when you insert 
the web address of the file you want to link to, whether it's another web page of your 
website, another site, or to a file (PDF document, sound file). This specific function 
checks if there are any broken anchor tags that may not work because the attributes are 
not made corectly, or because the linked site is no longer available, has been removed or 

2.Html Img tags. Images are not technically uploaded into a HTML page, instead they are 
referenced from the HTML. The  img tag creates a relation with that specific image. 
This feature checks if a reference to a image is made correctly. Common fails include: 
giving bad attributes to your images ( like naming them .jpeg when it should have been 
.jpg), removing the photo while the link is still implemented.

3.Html Scrips Tags. The script tag is used to embed a script, like JavaScript. The 
[removed] element either contains scripting statements, or it points to an external source 
through the src attribute. JavaScript consist of input data process, image manipulation, 
form validation, and dynamic changes of content  to produce graphical elements. This 
feature displays a list with all the unreachable javascript files that are referenced from 
your page.

4.CSS Stylesheets. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and refers to a Html document 
(stored in the file ".css"),that can be displayed with different styles and it defines how 
elements should be set on your pages.  
You have to be sure that your clients get a full and engaging experience of your site by 
having acces to every css resource, and this tool shows you the unreachable css resources 
referenced from you page.

You can also save your report so you can access it at a later point and have an overall reference 
to your progress.

Broken links can really damage your online reputation, therefore a webmaster should regularly 
check for broken links, track and fix them.

This checker will help you improve your user experience and on-page metrics (like bounce rate), 
which are increasingly scrutinized by search engines.