Competitor analysis

A strategic tool that compares how your website rates against your competitors across a wide range of aspects using multiple SEO metrics.

It provides helpful output on how to improve your strategy so you can rank higher than your competitors.

How does it work?

Step 1: Access the Seo Checkup tool from the left side menu.
Step 2: Enter your URL and click on Add Competitors.
Step 3: Add your competitor’s URL and click ANALYZE URL.

Preview of Seo checkup tool 

The thorough side by side results will show all the SEO elements and metrics of those URLs, 
based on your desired factors. 
This tool offers great insight on what page elements your competitor has better optimized and 
where you need to improve. 

You will also be able to understand your competitor’s strategy, strengths and weaknesses. Use all 
this information effectively and optimize your website. 

Preview of competitor analysis results