Site speed

The “Site Loading Speed” checker is a SEO toolbox service, that analyzes your page speed performance and offers insights on how to optimize the process and improve your page loading time. 

Our service offers you 2 kind of checks: 
1. Loading speed overview is a manual function where you insert your link and you get a fast and full report on your page loading time. You will also get a comparison between your website and an average website’s loading time, page size and loading speed. 

2. Loading background automatic check where you can check your website’s performances in a certain time interval.

The frequency can alternate, so you can run a report hourly, daily or weekly. When you set the time frame, our servers will automatically run the tests according to your settings.  

The accuracy of this feature lies in the frequency of execution. Every time you access your account you will have the possibility to visualise a report that is generated automatically, so you can get an idea when your site is not running at maximum performances or when it encounters bottlenecks.

If you want to keep your visitors satisfied and loyal you have to be sure your website’s loading speed is at its best. There are a lot of aspects that have a high impact on your page load, such as: Browser/Server Cache, images, flash resources, pop-ups, JS files and also encryptions (SSL).