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Subscription Plans

Our service includes 3 high quality Plans, ideal for Small or Medium Business SEO to Large sized Businesses.

They all offer you: Full and fast website analysis, Competitor Analysis, White-Label solutions,Technical Support, Sitemap generator, Brokenlinks and backlinks checkers with deep web parsing techniques.

The difference between the 3 plans consists in the accuracy and frequency of automatic background monitor and the number of competitors for your analysis.

How do subscriptions work?

A subscription is a recurring payment. You can purchase any plan that fits you best, change or cancel it at any time.

After you choose, you will be asked to fill some tabs with your credit card information. When your data is confirmed, your card will be charged.

The plan becomes active when the amount is withdrawn, so be sure you have money on your credit card. You will automatically receive all your tools and benefits, so you can start improving your website.

A subscription is valid for one month, which means that if you purchase a monthly subscription on the 15th of the month, it will be valid until 12AM on the 15th of the next month (you will have access to your SEO tools that day entirely ).

By default, subscriptions are renewed and your credit card will be charged automatically at the exact same hour you purchased the plan the month before.

You can cancel your recurring payments at any time. You will still have access to your plan and tools until the paid month ends.


We assure you we won’t save, store or use your credit card information.

This process will be made automatically by Stripe, a Payment service that is committed to transparency.

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